Why You DON’T Need a Website for Your Construction Business
Written by Chris Hatton on June 25, 2020
If you’re selling your contracting services online, you need a sales funnel. Period.

Here’s why.

The costs of remodeling and other contracting projects face unique challenges when it comes to marketing online.

I mean you’re not selling a widget or simple one-shot service call, like chimney sweeping or window cleaning.

You’re selling much more than that.

You’re selling a project that costs thousands of dollars and that requires planning, design and problem solving.

Most contractors have what I call business-card websites and that’s good news for you!
They overlook or are unaware of what a sales funnel can do to create business. Even better news for you as a competitor.

So, what is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a purpose-built website designed to take the prospect on an automated journey.

You’re probably saying, “what the hell is that?” More on that in a moment.

A sales funnel attracts prospects by using online marketing strategies such as SEO, paid ads, blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook and other stuff.

Sales funnels capture leads by offering up front value (e-books, free consultations, video tips) & starts a relationship with the prospect that helps them with their questions & problems.

A sales funnel nurtures the lead and then converts the lead TO A SALE!

And most contractors aren’t using sales funnels. After you’re finished reading this informative & value packed article, go check out your competitor’s websites. Imagine you’re a prospect looking for a contractor who can answer their questions. Is there ANYTHING that their website offers besides a few platitudes and images?

Like I said, most have a “business-card” website that does absolutely nothing to keep the visitor around and interested.

Yep. Most contractors pay big bucks to build a website, optimize it and run paid ads to it, thinking that’s what they’re supposed to do, but they’re doing it all wrong.

Sorry. But that’s the TRUTH!

I was that guy for years.

I mean, C’mon. We’re all offering a big-ticket gig and it just isn’t as easy as sending a prospect to a website and calling it done, all good, and may the best contractor win.

Want Some Facts?

I just read that only 5-7% of prospects are ready to hit the buy-button, hypothetically speaking, when they start their online search for information about their home improvement project.

So what happens when a “not-ready-to-spend-now” prospect lands on your traditional, portfolio, platitude packed website?

They leave and go looking for a contractor that CAN HELP THEM!

Then you and all of your fellow contractors assume that websites “don’t do shit!”
And most don’t.

But a website that’s a purpose-built sales funnel, designed to collect leads and help prospects solve their problems DOES.

You need a sales funnel because:

  • Potential clients will go to whoever has the solutions to their problems.
  • ​Remodeling is a major investment and requires time, effort, research and planning before prospects are ready to spend.
  • ​A sales funnel allows you to answer the prospect’s questions and nurture them into a customer.
  • ​A sales funnel takes the prospect on a journey long before they are ready to sign the contract.
  • ​It allows you to offer value in exchange for their contact information.
  • ​It provides a sophisticated sales process that converts.
I want you to imagine you’re a couple and you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen. Maybe you’re just burnt out on your crappy kitchen or you’re going to sell your home and you just gotta remodel your kitchen first because it’s a pile of crap.

You have a ton of questions about materials, the time-frame, about costs, whether to go big or go best to increase value enough to get past the deal breaker status you’re now in. You just have a lot of questions and you are really excited to get them answered now.

Or maybe you’ve just made your decision and you know what you want, but you still have some questions.

You go online and all of these contractors have these websites that look the same. They all have phone numbers and you call one. You get an answering machine. You’re about over it. It all looks the same. No one stands out. You’re even more confused and frustrated with all of platitudes like “One Call Does It All” or “Voted Best In 2019”…

Then you see a sales funnel. It has a really cool story about the company and some videos and other stuff. But what’s really cool is it has a questionnaire for you to fill out and a free e-book about kitchen designs. You fill out the questionnaire and leave your e-mail. You even have an option to schedule an appointment right then!

You feel like you’re on your way to getting things done. This is the company you want to work with, even if they cost a little more! The company you end up hiring is the company that had a sales funnel!

Conclusion: What the sales funnel does that the “business-card” website doesn’t do for your company

Builds trust and nurtures the prospect.

Asks for permission to communicate without being salesy.

Gives value and keeps you in the prospects mind.

In the end, makes you the company to choose.

Attracts and engages prospects before they are ready to spend.

Gives you authority.

Works for you 24/7 with minimal maintenance.

Allows you to send automated e-mails that provide value, case studies, pics and facts about your company and your awesome team.
I’ve shown you why you need to get rid of your useless, traditional, business-card website and create a sales funnel! Now the ball is in your court.

If you don’t have time to build a sales funnel or need help at all, we’re here.

After all, my main goal is to become your coach and help you explode your business!

Go to www.contractorssuccessformula.com and fill out the application.

About Author: Chris Hatton

Chris Hatton is the creator of the Contractors Success Formula. His methodology includes unique and effective online marketing strategies and business management practices proven to help contractors and home service business owners achieve substantial business growth.
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