What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?
Written by Chris Hatton on July 1, 2020
A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what makes your business different from everyone else in your construction trade.
A USP is a statement about your company that differentiates it from the other companies that do the same thing you do.

An example is Avis using “We’re number two. We try harder” or Domino’s using “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it's free.” When you hear these slogans, you recognize who these companies are in a split second!

An instantly recognizable USP can separate you from your competitors.

For most contractors, identifying a USP isn’t easy. It takes time and thought but once you have your USP, you can capitalize on it and rise above the other contractors in your niche.

A USP is one of the most important marketing aspects of any construction business that identifies your company as reliable and professional! 

And most contractors don’t have a USP! 

I recently “Googled” 14 remodel companies in San Francisco, CA and 5 didn’t even have websites! Out of the 9 that did, only one had a USP and it was the platitude, “Built to Last”. A prospect would expect that! 

USPs require reflection and overview and there are two things you need to consider while creating your USP.
  • ​What are your company’s unique characteristics?
  • What features does your company have that can be benefits for the prospect?
I have free trainings on how to create your USP and have helped several contractors develop successful USPs. Many contractors have features that they aren’t even aware of that can be exceptional benefits to the customer and separate them from their competitors.

My company advertised for over 25 years using 3 USPs that were merely platitudes. I didn’t even know they were USPs at the time! They were “On Time, On Budget”, “We Build Better”, and “Always Voted Best”.

Then I found some mentors who helped me create great USPs based on my company’s features. My new USPs helped me transform my remodeling company into a million dollar remodel business.

After extensive reflection and overview, I discovered two USPs that made us stand high above my competitors. We had been in business for over 25 years and our work came with a lifetime guarantee throughout those years. 

Our USPs became “Family Owned & Operated For Over 25 Years” and “Our Work Is Guaranteed For A Lifetime”. 

With a great USP you will experience changes in your company, generate more leads, trust, and authority from your customers as they will come to believe you are the best contractor to provide them the service they need!

You will become more confident and focused and your company will gain more high-paying clients. 

By using a USP effectively, you will see amazing results. 

Chris Hatton  

About Author: Chris Hatton

Chris Hatton is the creator of the Contractors Success Formula. His methodology includes unique and effective online marketing strategies and business management practices proven to help contractors and home service business owners achieve substantial business growth.
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