What is a Lead Magnet and Why Your “Sales Funnel Website” is Broken Without It
Written by Chris Hatton on June 28, 2020
Have you heard of a “sales funnel website”? It’s an effective way to capture high-quality leads and it is different than a “traditional website”.
Knowing the difference turned my company into a million-dollar remodeling business in 10 months! It can do the same for you!

A “sales funnel website” is a marketing concept that guides and maps out the journey a customer takes before taking any action and is extremely targeted and focused to capture leads. Sales funnels are the perfect strategy to warm-up the prospect, because they help and answers questions by using lead magnets!

A website is more like an “online business card”, often confusing and generalized, requiring the visitor to navigate through several pages. This navigation usually causes the visitor to lose interest and leave the website.

Sales funnels are much more user friendly.

So, here are the 5 steps of a sales funnel.
  • ​Awareness
  • ​Interest
  • ​Decision
  • ​Action
  • Retention
And it just so happens that these 5 steps are ideal for a contractor’s business, because only 5-7% of prospects looking at contractor’s websites are ready to pull the trigger right away!

The other 93-95% are looking for help and answers to their questions!  

Imagine if you are the only contractor in your town or city that has the only “sales funnel website”. Think about the increased success you could have. 

Once I created a sales funnel with 2-3 lead magnets, my business exploded, and my life changed! 

Now I’ll get into what my headline is all about.

The lead magnet! It’s the number one element or tool that generates the prospect’s interest in your contracting niche. It’s the secret sauce to crushing your competition and no longer relying on referrals, digital marketplaces, and local advertising.

A sales funnel with lead magnets are what transformed my company into a 7-figure remodeling business!

I’m not the typical website builder, promoting my website building/service business, writing an article about the wonders of lead magnets and sales funnels for contractors, so I can build your sales funnel for you for $10,000-$15,000. I have walked the talk and know exactly how and what you need to do for your contracting services. I am showing you how you can do this easily and quickly, without paying a website builder to do it!

A lead magnet is the vital step in your sales funnel that converts your prospect into a lead and without it you’re website is losing you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

A lead magnet is something you offer in exchange for the prospect’s contact information, specifically their e-mail.

It’s some thing that’s valuable to the prospect and it helps tremendously in establishing authority and trust between you and the prospect.

It creates satisfaction for the website visitor and they re-visit your website and stay in touch with you until they are ready to start their project. The fact is that 70% of unsatisfied website visitors NEVER return to a website that has nothing to offer.

A lead magnet is a free and valuable offer!

So now you’re probably wondering what could you possibly offer of any value in exchange for the prospect’s contact information.

Here are examples of high-converting lead magnets.

  • ​E-books 
  • ​Case studies 
  • ​Live demos 
  • ​Quizzes 
  • ​Free consultations
  • ​ Articles 
  • ​PDF’s 
  • ​Video trainings 
  • ​Checklists 
  • ​Cheat sheets 
  • ​Worksheets 
  • ​Blogs
What worked best for me was an e-book, free consultations, video trainings and PDF’s! I have free training videos available for you at www.contractorssuccessformula.com if you want help on this stuff!

So let’s assume you now have a sales funnel website built and you have your lead magnet(s) created.

What makes the prospect click?

Now….just because you have a lead magnet ready to go, doesn’t mean the prospect will take action to click on your offer! Yes, there is a strategy to get them to take action now.

So there are the 3 things you need to have on your lead magnet button to get the prospect to click now:
  • ​Urgency (the offer expires today) 
  • ​Relevancy (the offer needs to relate to your niche) 
  • ​Personal (get your free e-book now)
If you want to consistently get high-paying clients within 60 days or less, creating a sales funnel website with lead magnets is a powerful way!

To get more free trainings go to www.contractorssuccessformula.com and also join our Facebook Group “Contractors Success Formula Private Group”.

Thank you for reading this article.

Chris Hatton

About Author: Chris Hatton

Chris Hatton is the creator of the Contractors Success Formula. His methodology includes unique and effective online marketing strategies and business management practices proven to help contractors and home service business owners achieve substantial business growth.
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